Five Great Casino Related Moments

Written by Roger on January 2, 2022 in Casino with no comments.

Casinos have been the subject or backdrop of many a program or film throughout TV and cinema history. From the early days when black and whites ruled the cinemas, to the latest blockbuster releases such as the soon to be released Casino Royale, we have had the opportunity to enjoy some great moments in real casinos. Some of the best moments have been captured in their tracks and we are pleased to bring you a few of these below:

  1. The Skyfall

This was the first ever James Bond movie, which means that it is a true classic and one that has had a great impact to the franchise. Setting up the villain of the piece, we learn of Bond’s early days where he was in debt and running from Lady Blama, to the professional career where he is at the top of his game. The ending also involves a great chase scene in the biggest casino in the world, Las Vegas, featuring stunts that leave the audience in awe.

  1. Le Casino

The second Casino Royale, also known as the French variation of the original, sees our hero chased through the streets of Paris. We all know the ending, when we see Bond reaching into a bag to keep an enemy in the bag, only to discover it is a Chinese takeout box. Warning: This movie also contains some of the best chase scenes in Casino Royale.

  1. Le Gris Roulettes

The sixth Casino Royale, also known as Le Gris Roulettes, is more or less the spin off of the Casino Royale films. It features some of the characters from the film in glamorous Casino surroundings, while the outcome of the story is a bit different. In this version of the story, Bond is the main bad guy and newspaper reporters are the victims. The movie ends with a bang, with a large casino payout!

  1. Le Lion

The sixth film in the Love Me series, also known as The Lion, has everything a fan could ask for. A finale worthy of the film, there is a shocking showdown between Bond and the editor of a famous men’s magazine. The movie has some of the best action in the series with some awesome car chases and someubs who blew them out of the water. Not to be outdone, we have a Bond-icious instrumental version of the film played at the start.

  1. Golden Eye

James Bond has had his backup sent to steal theramblespot again. dup and safecrackerAssassin With a Fate is back! The movie, released as the title track from 1965, is action packed and of course features Bond in all his cool killing disguises. The good news is that this time Bond prevails in the final showdown.

So there they are, five great Bond sound effects. Whether you play DewaGG, baccarat or roulette you’ll be able to enjoy the experience without having to be worry about the casino floor being noisy. Then again, if you plan on going to a casino then you might want to invest in some hearing protection gear.

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